Behind the Scenes

Ostrick and Pozzi were often called to set by Milch to document the rehearsal – and his explanations to the cast and crew – of key scenes, as in the “Dream Sequence Scene” speech and the “Stinkweed Parade finale” sequence speech.

Working in tandem with production on many of their JFC New Media projects, Ostrick and Pozzi also took opportunities to document the creation of the show from the small moments (like being on the beach during the filming of the pilot , see Beach Crew) to seeing Milch in action giving notes during a scene at a liquor store.

BTS Beach Crew

BTS Convenience Store

Making The Wave

Here we document the creation of the emblematic Wave Car that Milch funded for the character of Erlemeyer, “the Chemist” who returns Mitch from Mexico; it also appears in the parade sequence. The Wave Car – perhaps representing the theme of the show that life is a series of waves of energy rather than of separate and alienated particles – was the re-creation of his surfing hey-day vehicle by the Commander, an acquaintance of Executive Producer Kem Nunn.

DM – Final Speech

DM – Dream Sequence