Mission Statement

To fulfill David Milch’s vision for the new HBO series “John From Cincinnati”, New Media Programming was committed to the development and production of compelling new media content for exhibition within the world of the TV show and on alternative platforms – broadband, wireless, and other developing technologies.

Recognizing that these alternative platforms are becoming themselves a legitimate source of entertainment, new media content provided JFC audiences with additional storylines and opportunities to deepen their emotional connection to the show by providing a space for a richer, more interactive and extended experience.

The two main sites discussed in this archive blog represent the polar opposites of online destinations. One site is a commercially-driven enterprise (www.stinkweedusa.com), built on the consumerism that pervades the surfing industry. The other site reflects a freer, more open philosophy of the web and technology in general – (www.theyostclan.com).

The JFC New Media Dept was committed to transcending the traditional marketing model that viewed new media content as a separate promotional vehicle for traditional media. Instead, the JFC New Media Dept worked to seamlessly extend the aesthetics and the emotionally fulfilling storytelling elements that were integral to the show to expand the John from Cincinnati universe to these alternative platforms. Ultimately, creating an exhilarating and unified experience for the show organically weaved into it merchandizing, marketing and promotional value.


To implement its mission, we created unique websites, film/video content, and merchandizing opportunities that deepened the loyalty of its fans and attracted a growing demographic who looked to increase interactivity with their entertainment.

Marc Ostrick and Julian Pozzi worked closely with the show-runner, David Milch, to extend his narrative vision for the show’s themes (i.e. the vital role of communication, technology and commerce in the development of the character’s story-lines), as well as provided the writing staff with expert consultation on the integration of new media technologies into the writing of the show. The JFC New Media Dept also allowed the creative team to create digital storylines that explored back-story elements and provided content that delved into character history and the geographical setting of Imperial Beach/Mexican border and surrounding areas. We participated in story development meetings, both to take its cue for future content creation, as well as to provide ideas and advice regarding the integration of existing broadband new media technology within the writing of the show’s storylines.

Marc & Julian also worked closely under the supervision of Gregg Fienberg, the executive producer, to meet the production’s needs for in-house content as well as for logistical coordination in the production of content for alternative platforms.

JFC’s New Media division’s interdepartmental organizing structure required it to integrate and coordinate its efforts with the other departments – creative, production (talent, props, art dept., post-production), marketing, legal, licensing and merchandizing; the new media division also used resources available from the larger AOL/Time Warner family.