TV Content

The TV CONTENT video category shows examples of how the JFC New Media Department integrated content into the TV series itself and organically extended the universe and narrative online.

To learn more about John From Cincinnati, including information about characters, setting and plot, please visit the Wikipedia page.

Thanks to David Milch, HBO, and the cast and crew for the opportunity to be the first embedded New Media Dept for a TV series from pre production through post.

JFC Opening Credits

Super 8mm documentary footage of locals and iconic imagery from Imperial Beach and Tijuana are integrated into the opening credits sequence of the show and also used as elements in the online experience.

Shawn Yost Sponsor Me Video

Linc Stark, owner of Stinkweed (a Volcom-like surf brand), tells Mitch that Shawn sent him the sponsor me video. Mitch and Sissy watch the video and discuss it’s implications.

The URL of is prominently featured on screen when Cass (a young, cynical and sexy assistant who works for Link Stark) sends Linc a text message.

Yost Clan Website

The Yostclan website appears on the screen of the character Dwayne, the site’s webmaster, when  he receives a critical message from John after his abduction of Shawn.

Mitch PSA

Mitch’s old PSA campaign are brought up in a scene between Mitch and Sissy.  These PSA had already been populated on YouTube and environmental blogs before the airing of this episode.

Rosa 1

Rosa, one of the “Resident of Imperial Beach” documentary subjects, appears twice as the Avon Lady (her real profession). She gives both Dr. Michael Smith and Ramon supernaturally inscribed Avon catalogues.

Rosa 2

Cass Parade – Episode 5

Perhaps our biggest cross-over moment was when JFC New Media produced an entire sequence for the TV show, John and Cass’s outing to San Diego.  In this sequence, John teaches Cass about the power of the camera as a creative instrument, rather than as a manipulative tool. We also see a few of the subjects of our “Citizens of Imperial Beach” series like Serge Dedina, the environmental activist, and the tailor of Lucha Libre , Mexican masked wrestler. We also show some of San Diego’s more exotic characters: the Hari Krishna’s and the Rainbow Family Drum Circle.

Cass Editing

The Earth Day sequence is then used again in the subsequent episode when Cass begins to edit the images that she has captured at the park, as she learns to become a documentarian.

Cass Finale

Milch revisits the Earth Day sequence’s festive atmosphere with his own “Stinkweed Parade” sequence at the finale of the show. Cass again is filming it. This time almost all the JFC Experience documentary subjects appear, as well as all the characters from the show. Cass no longer works for Stinkweed, but now is a full fledged documentarian.

In the end, the JFC New Media Dept accomplished its mission: it extended the show online as no other show before, and also, perhaps most importantly, successfully extended itself into the show — becoming a truly integrated and pioneering transmedia experience.