Butchie, The Resentments & The Vatos

One of the most exciting aspects of the JFC Experience was our opportunity to extend the narrative of the show by creating online shorts that mixed the actors from the show with the locals we’d profiled in our Citizens of Imperial Beach material.

Perhaps the best example of this was our Earth Day scene at San Diego’s Balboa Park where John and Cass mix it up with large crowds, Mexican wrestlers, Wildlife activists, Hari Krishnas, and a large drumming circle. The opportunity to shoot with two of the main actors for an entire day off-set in this complicated location was the culmination of the trust that had grown between us and the production team. This footage was used in the show and can be found on this page.

Another achievement in our organic fusion of the show and the locals was the series of videos centered on Butchie Yost. In these digressive storylines, we deepened the reality of the character of Butchie by having him be profiled by a surfing fan (One Day in the Life) and by hanging out with Eric Dogol.

We also took on the John Monad storyline and shot it through the lens of the local band, the Resentments, as they composed a song in tribute to the new stranger in their town (Monad Song HOME) and then performed it live for fans at a local tavern.

We treated the Shaun Yost storyline of his near death accident through a vigil scene where locals come to pray for him.

Finally, we extended the Vatos characters storyline with an online scene of them hanging out in the van before their deadly attack on John.

Butchie One Day in the Life

Butchie with Eric Dogol

Resentments Monad song HOME

Resentments Monad song LIVE

Shaun’s Vigil