YouTube Videos

The JFC New Media Dept created over a dozen YouTube videos with several stars from the series.  The videos gave a deeper look into the characters’ lives and helped expand the narrative, themes and ideas of our vision to blur the lines between the online world and TV series.  These videos were also featured in various episodes during the season.

Below are the videos that people discovered on YouTube:

Mitch Yost’s Clean Ocean PSA Campaign

As a favor to a local environmentalist, Mitch Yost (Bruce Greenwood) agreed to become the spokesperson for several Public Service Announcements. These PSAs stressed the importance of clean water in San Diego County and the dangers of cross-border water contamination and pollution.

Mitch Yost PSA #1

Mitch Yost PSA #2

Mitch Yost PSA #3

Meyer’s New Board

Meyer shows off his new Yost short board (given to him by his girlfriend) and discusses his club “the surfing attorneys” – who appear in the season finale parade scene.

Surf-Side Realty Commercial

This is a local commercial for Meyer’s Imperial Beach real estate company Surf-Side Realty.  See what all the excitement is about!

Shaun Yost’s “Sponsor Me” Video

This short video was scripted in the story as a tool for Shaun to instigate the arrival of Linc into the lives of the Yosts. It showcased Shaun’s personality and surfing proficiency and style, as well as showed off his editing and GarageBand (royalty free Mac music software) skills. New Media posted Shaunie’s “sponsor me” video on and on Shaunie’s MySpace page – the posting appeared one month prior to the airing of the premiere episode. People could e-mail Shaun at (it was in the video and was already registered and cleared). Shaun also had a YouTube account. Shaun could reply to emails with more info & links to other websites, like his Video Dairy. After Linc signed Shaun to surf with the Stinkweed team, the videos were featured on the Stinkweed website.


Shawn recorded several “video diaries” during the course of the season and uploaded to YouTube as a way to interact with fans of the show and give additional insight into his character.

Chilling in My Room


Crap Machines


Room 24

The ghost in room 24 breaks down for the crimes he committed against the Yost family…  The ghost makes a key appearance during the dream sequence in episode six.

Shaun Will Soon Be Gone

John Monad foreshadows the disappearance of Shawn.  This clip was featured in the show (as an online video) as well as on YouTube, allowing fans to discover additional clues.

Message 1

Additional clues about the stick figures that appear in the show.

Message 2

Additional clues about the stick figures that appear in the show.

Message for Resentments

John Monad responds to the garage metal band, The Resentments, about a lyric in their song about the appearance of John in their neighborhood.