was the commerce and branding site for the surf/skate company owned by Linc Stark (Luke Perry).  Stinkweed’s URL address and apparel were seamlessly featured in the world of the TV series and led fans to discover the website (see TV Content section of the site).  The Stinkweed site also featured a traditional retail page offering apparel and promoting their brand/culture.   The site’s “news” section kept users up to date on latest events with Shaun Yost, Stinkweed’s newest sponsor.  In addition, a fictitious surf team, complete with profile videos, was created to lend authenticity to the site. design incorporated impressionistic elements from Imperial Beach life, giving it a gritty feel that matched the tone of the TV series. The recurring themes and images that dominated the site included telephone poles, power lines, barbed wires, fencing/netting that surrounds the old “outlaw” IB surf/skate spots.   Custom designed sound effects enhanced the overall user experience – for example, electricity and ocean/wave sound effects augmented the images that appeared on the screen.


Stinkweed Surf Competition Promo with Linc Stark (Luke Perry)

Stinkweed Surfer and Team Captain – James Pribram

Stinkweed Surfer – Pat Ryan

Stinkweed Surfer – Dave Pascal

Stinkweed Surfer – Mahea

Stinkweed Surfer – Sean Fowler

Stinkweed Surfer – Dean McMahon